Law and Society

Law and Society

Law and Society is about using law, business, government, education and human capital to intentionally move society forward. We emphasize improving our own attitudes, actions, and education so that our careers and volunteer efforts positively impact the world around us. To that end, careers that students can pursue in Law and Society are numerous. Many students who are unsure of what their specific career might be join Law and Society because they want their work (whatever it is) to positively help their community and the City of San Bernardino.


Careers include:

Social Work and Counseling

Legal careers including Lawyer, Judge, or Administration

Nonprofit business and entrepreneurship


Event organizer



Organizational leadership

Local and international relief (for the poor, homeless, or refugee)

Infrastructure management (like providing water for cities)

Pastors and community leadership


We use projects to teach government, trial law, civil law and lawsuits, San Bernardino’s bankruptcy, human rights, civil rights, laws governing law enforcement and prison, how to start nonprofit businesses and charities, youth court and restorative justice, race relations, San Bernardino (city and county) politics, how the executive, legislative and judicial branches actually operate to maintain government and impact society, San Bernardino’s Neighborhood Associations, SBCUSD students’ rights and responsibilities, environmentalism, economics, and other related areas. In each project, students perform the activities that those who work in these fields, often with the help of professionals.

In each of these areas, we emphasize ANALYSIS of laws and practices, how they affect individuals, the society, businesses, crime rates, freedom, and American (and the United Nations’) ideals.

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